Where is the science in vaccine mandate?

Here’s a fact I read recently: There are 23 million children in the US between the ages 5-12. Of those 5-12 year olds; how many have died of Covid? 200!

Our president, along with the drug companies, want all children to be vaccinated! Our governor has mandated that all school children ages 5-12 be vaccinated! Where is the science in this?

Using the above facts, it would seem the younger you are the better you will fight covid exposure. Seems the drug companies are making money hand-over-fist and want to keep this vaccination theme going. Some school districts in California are resisting the governor’s mandate. It looks like Chico Unified will follow. Good for them!

Americans are very willing to volunteer to help in a crisis. (Last year we all took to masks and distancing and even stayed isolated at home.) We must now define what a reasonable time a mandate is, versus a legal law from of our elected congress and legislatures. Seems this definition is long overdue!

Who’s running our country, the drug companies and doctor Fauci? Following the money in politics will lead you to the truth every time!

— Loretta Ann Torres, Chico


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