With a tweet, Draymond Green shows why Warriors avoid losing streaks

PHILADELPHIA — It was clear Draymond Green was upset after the Warriors’ loss Saturday to the 76ers. If there was any doubt, he let the rest of the world know Sunday afternoon.

“It’s been a couple years since losing a game bothered me this much… This is Good,” Green wrote on Twitter. He woke up angry: the tweet was posted at 5:13 a.m. local time. Later that afternoon, Green and the rest of the Warriors were back at practice in the gym at Temple University, where coach Steve Kerr was able to weigh in on Green’s feelings after the 102-93 loss.

“That’s a good sign, a good feeling when you lose and it’s a shock and it stings,” Kerr said. “There were times the last couple years where … not that it didn’t sting, but maybe it wasn’t as surprising. I just think we’re in a position now where we expect to win every night, and that’s a great place to be.”

The often verbose all-NBA defender was short for words immediately following the loss. He was asked eight questions and didn’t offer a response of more than 36 words, and in one answer regarding his own performance defensively, two of them were expletives.

“Draymond is such a competitor, of course he’s going to be upset when we lose,” Kerr said. “He’s our leader, our engine. His fire burns hot. So he’s a big reason why we have bounced back well from losses over the years.”

The Warriors will need to utilize that mentality again Monday in Indiana, as they try to stave off their first set of consecutive losses this season. Dating back to last season, Golden State has gone 35 games without losing two in a row.

That, however, is a far cry from the record the Warriors set during the first stage of their dynasty.

From April 9, 2015, to March 2, 2017, Golden State went 146 games without recording consecutive losses, demolishing the previous record set by the Utah Jazz during the days of John Stockton and Karl Malone (95; Nov. 1997-March 1999).

It’s just another sign the Warriors, off to a 21-5 start this season, are getting closer to their old winning ways after two seasons of futility marred by injuries.

“I think the biggest thing for (Green) and for all of us is, we’re back in the fight,” Kerr said. “Of all the things we accomplished during this run, I think the most impressive stat is we set the all-time record for most consecutive games without losing two in a row. I think it’s just the general competitive nature of our team. It’s maybe something that has gone overlooked a little bit.

“People focus on the shooting or Draymond’s defense or the skill, but the competitiveness of these guys means they hate losing. And they tend to bounce back really well from a loss because of that character, or that desire to right the wrong.”

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