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666 – Mark of The 3Devil

I’m your Uncle Marty along with Daytona our On The Airedale, and this is The 666th exploit of  The 3D RadioActivity. In modern popular culture, this number of the beast has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for the Antichrist. Earnest references occur both among apocalypticist groups and in other explicit subcultures. That’s… ... Continue Reading

Psychedelic Time Warp – Sun and Moon, Part 1

Hosted by Bart Shore. Sun songs. Part One is all Sun songs – sun or sunshine tunes with music from Richie Havens, the Beatles, Neville Brothers, Jonathan Edwards, Doobie Brothers, Violent Femmes, Al Stewart, Elton John, the Doors, Yes, Camel, Pink Floyd, the Police, Soundgarden, Traffic, and Jethro Tull. Also Grand Funk, Fijiid Pink, Eddie… ... Continue Reading

The RadioActivity’s Fifth ReRun

I’m everybody’s Uncle Marty, with Daytona and The 3D RadioActivity‘s 665th gathering, as this time we come and go on the RUN in a snap just for you! We’ve RUN thru 15 numbers this time. Our next episode will be our 666th, which can only mean that we will feature an underworldly look at a… ... Continue Reading

3D 4X Away

DaytonAiredale and your Uncle Marty are here on The 3D RadioActivity number 664 with some continuing heartfelt love and blues to launch you AWAY! We didn’t let anything get AWAY from us this time, however next up we will take another RUN at music we haven’t presented before. Got any suggestions? Then tell me by… ... Continue Reading

An Interview with Mamalarky

Recently, we went downtown to catch a show at Schuba’s Tavern. The headliner act, Mamalarky, is incredibly hard to pin down. They have elements of Indie Rock, and of Psychedelic Pop, but don’t fit neatly into either genre. There’s a wondrous, captivating thread of Avant Garde that weaves in and out of their music, stitching… ... Continue Reading

RadioActivally Gone Fourth

I’m Uncle Marty, alongside DaytonAiredale this is installment 663 of The 3D RadioActivity as this time our feature isn’t just obvious, it’s a Rockabilly, Blues, Rock, and Southern metaphor for love which can be a Four GONE assumption. With a great hour of music GONE by, it will be hard to top next time, however… ... Continue Reading
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