Wheezal Dogg


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Brent “Wheezal Dogg” Gallagher started in radio in 2001. During that time, he has rocked 93.9 The Hippo Chico’s Rock Station from 3pm to 7pm and he has hosted numerous comedy shows. Some have said that Wheez is a walking encyclopedia of music trivia. A music man if you will. It helps that he plays guitar drums and bass. He was always involved in music even at an early age. Wheez started singing in the school choir in first grade and continued throughout his academic years. It came in handy when he accidentally sang in front of one of his vocal idols during a LIVE in studio interview. One of (as he says) his most embarrassing moment in his radio career. An avid pool player and a live music junkie, Wheez in just a plain simple term… Likes to rock!!!! 

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